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DanzArts' Summer 2024

Online Registration Opens April 1st !
10 weeks of Summer Classes running from June 3rd- August 11th
Going on vacation or attending a summer dance intensive? Don't let that stop you from taking classes this summer. If you let us know when you register for summer when you will be gone we can prorate you summer tuition.
Please check out full details below. To register for any summer classes please create an account with us using button below. Once you have an account simply request your class(es) for summer. Once a requests arrives to our office we can process your request and send you a confirmation and statement for our summer session
If you have questions about our program, we are here to help. Please contact us at: or (515) 222-9777
​"We are fools whether we dance or not so we might as well dance". Japanese Proverb​​​​​

​Creative Movement 3 yr olds 
​This 30 minute class is the first class where young dancers are on their own! Parents have full view of the class through our big observation window. At this age we our focusing on developing gross motor skills and introducing the beginnings of ballet vocabulary in a fun creative way. In addition to the dancing skills, young dancers are learning to take turns and follow directions in a group environment which is a challenge all it's own at this age. Dancer should be potty trained and 3 by 6/01


​Pre Ballet 4 yr olds 

​Now that dancers are a little older, we advance to a 45 minute class. We continue to work on the growing motor skills that a 4 year old is discovering and get into more creative improvisation and a large creative vocabulary. Dancer should be 4 by 6/01

Level 1 5 & 6 yr olds 

​This is a 2 year program designed for 5 & 6 yr olds. In our traditional Level 1 class we introduce a ballet barre, ballet center and finish the class with a little tap! A perfect time to work on rhythm and fine motor skills, not to mention it is fun to make noise! 

Dancers should be 5 by 6/01

Level 2  7 & 8 yr olds 

​This is also a 2 year program designed for 7 & 8 yr olds. The traditional combo class continues with ballet and tap technique and adds jazz to a growing dancer's training. More fun classes to consider: age appropriate Hip Hop, and 8yr olds are elligible for Kid's Co Motion week. Dancers should be 7 by 6/01


​​Level 3/4 approx. ages 9-11 yr olds *

​There is room to grow within this level. With younger dancers we suggest starting of with a ballet class a week plus and an elective. Older dancers may wish to do their ballet class plus several electives. Dancers who are more serious about their training should consider our Junior Progressing Technique class ( a must for dancers preparing for pointe testing) . The sky is the limit it is really up to you! *Placement is determined by faculty

​​Level 5/6 approx. ages 12-14 yr olds *

​Now even more options for older dancers! The only requirement in this level is that pointe dancers must take 2 ballet classes a week plus either junior or senior progressing technique. If a dancer is in this level but not quite ready for pointe shoes we encourage them to take pointe classes in soft shoes as preparation towards their goal of getting on pointe.  Serious dance students? We recommend several ballet classes a week and contemporary dance as prep work into summer intensives and college programs. Please sign up for as many classes as your heart desires. Remember tuition gets cheaper the more classes one takes. *Placement is determines by faculty

So many classes we make it hard to choose. Let us know if we can help...


​​Level 7/8 & Intermediate/Advanced Adults approx. age 15 and Up

​This is the Level preferred by our Adult dancers! Again only requirement at this level is pointe dancers must take ballet 2 times a week plus Senior Progressing Technique. Again serious dance students? We recommend many ballet and contemporary dance classes a week. Not a ballet dancer? We love you too! Come in for our great electives: Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz etc.. Sign up for as many classes as your heart desires. Remember tuition gets cheaper the more classes one takes. *Placement is determines by faculty

So many classes we make it hard to choose. Let us know if we can help...

​​​Questions? We are here to help you get dancing!

Just email or call us today and we can help guide you to classes that may work for your dancing dreams.....​​​    515 222-9777

Des Moines DanzArts Studio 2150 Delavan Drive Suite 8 West Des Moines, Iowa 50265



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