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Costs & Payments for 2023-2024 School Year

Once a registration has been processed, you will recieve a confirmation and statement via email

1) There is a one time nonrefundable registeration fee during the school year. $30 per dancer $60 max per family

2) We bill our semester tuition by time per week. With our sliding fee scale the more you take the cheaper it becomes. For our more serious students, after they hit 10 hours of classes it becomes the Unlimited Rate and everything beyond is FREE. So why not take more? We do offer a 10% family discount on tuition and we can help you with the math.

3) Recital is optional for all students. We automatically bill recital fees with your registeration. However, if you wish to "Wait" on recital or "No" recital you can easily let us know and we will remove those charges for you.

Recital Fee(s): If paid at time of Fall Registration $130 includes theater rental and 1st class costume. Each additional class $80. Recital Fee(s): Paid after Fall Registration $135 and additional class(es) $85

How to Pay?

Registration is not complete until payment is recieved. As a small business we actually prefer checks made out to DanzArts Studio. We also accept Cash, Visa, Master Card and Amex. We have a credit card terminal in our office. You can also make a payment online through Zelle using our email

Installment Plan

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